Saturday, November 03, 2012



My heart is full of love today.

Love for my incredible husband who supports my intense need to explore our world photographically, even though he doesn't necessarily understand it.

Love for my sweet girl, who brightens my life simply with her call of "Mommy?" and her little arms wrapped around my neck.

Love for my job, which gives me way more than I could ever give it.

Love for my shutter sisters, who understand and support and nurture me just by being out in the world.

Love for my Corvette friends, full of kindness and compassion and the feeling of true family, especially when tragedy strikes.

Love for my sister, for whom I'm so happy and excited about her new job. Way to go!

Love for my new home, rising steadily with the sure imprint of our little family of three. It is so distinctly ours, and it is amazing.

Love for music that has the power to move and motivate and inspire, regardless of my mood.

Love for the family and friends who surround us always, even when we disappear off the face of the earth and get lost in our to-do lists.

So, so grateful for the capacity to love fully, truly, deeply. Yeah, love is sometimes lined with pain, but it's so very worth it. We said goodbye to a friend tonight and it hurts like hell, but how could I ever regret having known her? No way! No regrets!

Just love!


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