Thursday, February 02, 2012



I chose "focus"'as my one little word this year, and my mama got me this necklace for Xmas. I wear it daily.

I chose focus because I knew that while 2012 is going to be awesome, it's also going to be insane and busy and frantic and trying. I want to remember throughout this year to remain focused on what is really important.

A secondary reason is that I'm attempting my first 365. A photograph a day for a year. I'm using the iPhone for this, as I recognize my time limitations are higher than ever right now. Using the iPhone frees me up to shoot the details of my everyday life, regardless of where I am, simply because I always have my phone with me. And I can shoot, edit, and post in under a minute, which will NEVER happen with a dslr.

So here's to focus, in all its beautiful shades of meaning.


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