Sunday, January 29, 2012



Today we moved. Again, essentially. Well, I guess the correct phrase would be "we moved some more," but it really felt like we moved again.

Tomorrow, for the first time this school year (because timing is a bitch), Zoe has a project due. She had to choose 100 of something and glue it down to posterboard as they are celebrating 100 days of school. She chose pennies. Cool. She counted them all out and created her design. Then looked at me expectantly. "Oh, right! You need glue!"

Well, okay. I know we have glue. I know this because I packed it. In one of the eleventy billion boxes that hold all our stuff. Shit.

I found three boxes labeled "Zoe Art Supplies" in the office. Ironically none of them had glue. So I eyeballed the stack you see here, that currently resides in her room. Took a deep breath and dove in. Took about four boxes, but I found it. We glued, and she's thrilled, and I unpacked more boxes.

Dining room table is clean. Only 1 box in sight in the living room. Our bedroom is manageable, and all the clothes are put away.

We're doing good. Tired, but good.


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