Monday, November 07, 2011

1 & 2 of 30 (Gratitude Project)

Day 2
Every morning I walk my daughter to school, and then I walk home. It's not far, but it's just long enough for me to walk past the huge line of cars and be thankful that I don't have to sit in it.

Day 1
I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to design and build my dream home, and with my best friend to boot. We are in the design stage and while I realize that the road ahead will be fraught with stress and detours and speed bumps and even a fender-bender or two, I'm looking forward to growing and learning and loving and creating the life I want to live.

(The image that went with this is the one of the house plans below. I just wanted to be sure I captured the text from the 30 Days of Gratitude submission on Flickr, to go with the others I'm posting here.)

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