Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So much going on these days, and hardly time to document it all!  I've been shooting a ton, which makes me happy happy.  I am slowly getting over my "it's not really photography with an iPhone" hang-up, which is another one of my purely self-inflicted notions.  I see all the wonderful images continually posted on Instagram, and I consider that photography, so why not my own?  Still, clutching the Nikon for three days straight in Arkansas did me a world of good.

This weekend is jam-packed with work (giant industry conference in town - my town!) and the concert to end all concerts.  Then a couple of hectic days before we head out for a long weekend in Chicago.  We're taking the train, much to Zoe's delight.  It's her first train trip, and while it's not an overnighter, both legs are booked on a Superliner so we may get a chance to eat in the dining car (versus the cafe car...big difference).  We get back from that and I flip the next day and fly out to NYC for site selection for my company's bi-annual global convention.  It's rough to stay in the finest hotels and eat at legendary Manhattan restaurants and visit huge landmarks, but someone's gotta do it.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll at least be posting iPhone images here regularly, so stay tuned.

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Blogger Swoon Worthy said...

Hey! Haven't been able to peruse here in awhile because things have been hella-hectic, but this post made me laugh! I remember thinking the same thing, traveling first class, staying in 5 star hotels or at a celebrities house in the Hamptons. It's so HARD! LOL! Enjoy it because you deserve it! -CZ

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