Thursday, June 23, 2011


Any time we near a bridge, I feel compelled to pull out my iPhone.
I love architecture. Especially architecture that embraces form WITH function. Lately, this view has gone beyond architecture into the smaller objects that make up our everyday lives.
Utilitarian products and technology aren't required to be ugly. There's no law somewhere that says the more useful something is, the uglier it needs to be.
And yet, far too many manufacturers live by that idea. They neglect to consider the necessity of aesthetic design.
Now, ya'all know that I'm a huge fan of Apple. Not to be all fan girl or anything, but there is a company that GETS it. Function AND form. High quality products that work well and look good. Pleasing to the eye. An enhancement to our surroundings even when not in use.
We recently purchased some Motorola radios for the Corvette. They work fine, but man, are they ugly. I look at them and cringe. They're all bumpy and knobby. They look like giant bugs. Who wants to look at giant, bumpy, ugly bugs?
I've been noticing form as it relates to function a lot lately. I recognize the value in objects that look great while they function. I don't think that's too much to ask. Shouldn't we all strive to make our world beautiful, as well as useful?
Yep. All this from an iPhone snap of a bridge. My brain likes to go off on tangents sometimes. A lot of the time. Nearly all the time.
Aren't bridges beautiful?

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