Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why didn't I think of that?

Another storm passed through here yesterday while I was at work, thankfully with no twisters, but lots of wind and rain.  A warning call from my MIL let me know that I was most likely without power.  The woman is in Chicago and I'm five minutes from home, yet she knows before I do.

When I picked up Zozer I warned her that we probably didn't have power and, if so, we'd go out to eat.  Naturally, she had all kinds of questions about what it means to not have power.  This, combined with being in an extremely good mood meant that she chattered the entire way home.  She'd ask questions, then answer them herself.  I was but her chauffeur, meant to just shut up and drive.

Finally, the conversation became a little more two-sided when I started talking about what we could do with no power.  We could read a book with a flashlight.  Or play games.  With a flashlight?  Yeah, with a flashlight.  When the sun goes down, we'll have to use flashlights.  Or candles.  We'll be like pioneer women in Little House on the Prairie (which we've started watching together).

She thought for a minute.

"Mommy?  Can we watch Little House?"

"No, sweetie.  We can't.  If we don't have power we can't turn on the TV."

She thought about that long and hard for a minute, before her face brightened.

"I know!  We can watch it!  We'll just point the flashlight at it!"

Oh boy.

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