Monday, November 22, 2010

Hats off to Zozer

Zoe and I were eating lunch together Sunday and she told me a story about one of her experiences at school.  I'm not sure why she chose this particular time to tell me, but I loved the story and so I don't really question the machinations of her mind.

She said Ms. Lisa brought in different kinds of hats recently and was explaining to the children what they were and how they were used.

"Then she held up a hat that had a square thing on top.  I yelled, 'I know that that is!  That's a graduator hat and my Mommy and Daddy wore them!'"

I swear that if she asked for a car in the next five seconds I'd have given it to her, I was so tickled.

I asked her what Ms. Lisa said after that, and she shrugged.  "She just turned around to Ms. Jenny and said, 'Zoe knew what this is!'"  I guess it is pretty odd for a five-year-old to know about mortarboards.

How adorable is that?  For the rest of my life, I will no longer consider them mortarboards, but rather, graduator hats.


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