Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Checked off another item on the "I should do that some day list."

On a residential street near our home and my work is a house with a small sign in the front yard. All it says is HONEY. I usually go flying right by and so it took a couple of passes (over weeks or months or maybe even a year) to realize there is a small bookstand in front of the house with jars of honey. Then it took a few more passes, at much slower speeds, to see a small cash box on top if the bookstand.

This idea, this concept of selling homemade honey through the honor system, is so cool to me. I always thought, "I need to stop by there." I love honey anyway and use it nearly every day in my tea. For awhile, until my local grocer started selling local honey that's not mass-produced, I was cajoling Stef into bringing me honey from the Ann Arbor farmer's market. I guess you could say I'm a honey snob.

Tip from me to you: avoid the stuff in the plastic bear-shaped bottles. Bad, bad honey.

So I'm pretty keen on small-operation, locally-produced honey.

Today, on the way back from lunch and on a whim, I finally stopped at the Honey House and bought a jar. Plan to have a cup of tea tonight and see how it is.

Mmmmmm, honey.


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