Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A mother's pride

Last night, my stomach wasn't feeling so great.  After making salads for the family dinner, I laid on the couch and groaned while M made ravioli.  Then I shuffled to the table, ate a few ravioli, ignored the salad, and generally felt like crap.  After awhile, I mentioned that the stomach was getting worse.

Zoe looked at me, then leaned way to the other side of her chair, as far away from me as she could get.  "Ummm.  Are you....?"

No, I'm not gonna get sick.  But that's awesome that you knew to get the hell away from me!  M cracked up laughing.

A few weeks ago, her best friend, Kaitlyn, got sick at school.  It was big news when M picked Zo up, and he had to hear about it twice, once first-hand and then again when she told me.  "Mommy.  I have some bad news."  I called Kaitlyn's mom later to find out how she was doing.  Carrie told me that she was fine; she had just gotten herself worked up about going to school and made herself sick.  But then she relayed the story that Kaitlyn told her about the events of the day.  Kaitlyn and Zoe were playing outside in the sandbox.  K mentioned to Zoe that her tummy hurt.  Zoe expressed appropriate empathy and they continued playing.  Eventually K said, "I think I might throw up."

My daughter's response?


And so K did, and yakked all over the sidewalk next to the sandbox, which, according to the teachers, is infinitely better than yakking in the sandbox.

So, I am pleased that, at five years of age, my daughter is well-versed in the art of puke avoidance.


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