Friday, September 10, 2010

M's capture

Have to give props to M for this one.  We were lined up three abreast on the carousel at the Zoo on her birthday when he asked for the camera to get some shots of the two of us.  After the obligatory cheese shots, he just kept shooting.  Which annoyed me a little (it's my camera, dammit...I don't drive his Corvette while he hangs out in the passenger seat), until he showed me that he got this.  Fantastic.

(While the original shot was by M, post processing - called simply "post" by us dorky photographers - was done by moi.  A little bit of cropping, some desaturation, a smidge of unsharp mask, level tweaking, and voila!  A masterpiece created by the two of us...much like the subject of the photograph.)


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