Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I ain't nobody's bitch

I'm what you'd call your average Cardinals fan. I like to go to games occasionally, preferring to watch them from the comfort of my couch and the affordability of my fridge. I know who the players are and what position they play, although the calculation of ERA still flummoxes me despite M's best attempts at Wifely Baseball Education. I have my favorite players, and sometimes they get traded and I have to pick new ones. I will probably forever mourn the loss of Rolen and Edmonds. I have fun figuring out what their at-bat songs are because I think they tell a lot about a player, and Fredbird never fails to crack me up even after all these years.

Yadier Molina has been a favorite for a long time. I take umbrage to those who make fun of how he runs...I'll take a slow Molina with a cannon for an arm over a speedy catcher who can't hit the mark any day. Besides, if he keeps hittin' homers, it don't matter how long it takes him to round the bases.

But last night. Last night Yadi was The Man. He stepped up. Twice. He got in the face of Red's house idiot Brandon Phillips, who took it upon himself to call our beloved Cardinals "little bitches" before the start of the series. I mean, really? You wanna give the other team incentive to whup your ass? 'Cause all you're doin' with that is gettin' people fired up. It's go-time once the trash talking starts.

So when Phillips came to the plate last night and provoked Molina, that was it. Yadi told him, "I'm not your bitch." Hooooooey! Saddle up! The brawl that followed was ridiculous and got out of hand, but wasn't entirely unexpected given Phillips' baiting from earlier in the series. Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto was a complete moron (do they have a general lack of brain matter up there in the Reds clubhouse?) by kicking everyone in sight when no one else was doing anything close that physical. Carpenter's back and LaRue's face have the marks to prove it.

Despite all that, and both managers being ejected, Yadi came up to bat in the second and knocked one out of the park. Talk about sweet revenge! Little bitches, my ass.

On another note, why is it an insult to call a man (or men) a female-derived expletive? Oh, jeez. My brain is on overload today so that analysis is gonna have to wait for another time. Sexism deserves it's own post anyway.


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