Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Accident

I love it when I totally f up, and yet, it's not only okay...things actually turn out better.

It doesn't happen often, trust me.

Well, the former does. The f-ing up part. The latter, where it turns out better, yeah, not so much.

But every once in awhile it happens, and it's like, "Wow. I should f up more often." Completely forgetting the part, of course, where it rarely turns out good.

Anyway, this morning I was getting ready to leave for work when I saw the pyrex baking dish still in the sink that I had filled with soapy water to soak overnight. "Aw jeez. I forgot to scrub that thing out." I peered cautiously into the sink hoping for some self-cleaning baking dish miracle, and instead found an entire glass dish full of perfectly formed bubbles gently illuminated by the morning light reflecting off the stainless steel sink.


I ran to get the tripod. Of course. Doesn't everyone do that when they see a dish soaking in the sink?

I fussed around a bit, making images from different angles (it's hard to get one's tripod up against the cabinet to shoot straight down in the sink, but I managed) and chimping after each one. They were okay, but not, you know, fantastic.

I had turned the white balance control to incandescent lighting, as I was using the can light over the sink to add a bit of extra lighting oomph. If you don't change your white balance to compensate, everything comes out with this sort of sickly yellowish tinge and it's a pain in the rear to correct in post processing. Plus, you can't ever really recreate what you saw exactly (at least I can't), and every time you look at the shot you sigh, "stupid white balance." Trust me. I've done this. Too many times.

So I had remembered to change the white balance at the beginning, but after not getting the results I was going for, I decided to try using a flash. A little pop of intense light. You know, to liven things up.

As soon as I tripped the shutter for the first flash shot, I thought, "Crap. Forgot to change the white balance back."

Just for kicks, I chimped anyway just to see what the jacked-up image looked like. I'm all about learning from my mistakes.

I'll be damned if it wasn't the coolest one of the bunch. Turns out when you fire the flash and you've got your white balance set to incandescent, it turns everything blue. Like, electric blue.

Since the shot isn't at all realistic at this point, I played around in Photoshop and juiced up the saturation a bit, just to send it over the edge. It wasn't at all what I originally set out to do, but dang it, I like it.

The baking dish, by the way, is still sitting in the kitchen sink. By the time I was done shooting this morning I had to bolt for work, and as soon as I got Zozer down this evening I pulled up Pshop to play. That's way more fun than scrubbing on a baking dish, isn't it?


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