Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Awaking from the tryptophan coma

I took a few days off from blogging to, you know, enjoy the holiday and stuff my face with good food, and I'm finding it hard to get back in the routine of finding creative things to write about.

Could be that I'm battling a head cold this morning, which stinks, and stinks double because I'm pretty sure I got it from my darling little girl. Whom she got it from remains to be seen, but I'd like to find that person and smite him or her.

Yes, I just might get back on my smiting kick. Just in time for the holidays.

I didn't go work out this morning not just because of feeling lousy, but because if I were healthy and some germ-infested snotball hopped on the treadmill next to me, I'd be seriously pissed. The gym provides disinfectant in squirt bottles conveniently attached to every piece of equipment, but my observations show that the people who should most use it almost never do.

Zozo and I slept in, unlike M, who had to be at the airport before bright and early for a 6 a.m. flight. At 7:15 she started stirring, so I hauled myself out of bed, scrubbed up like the guys in M*A*S*H, and headed in there.

It's so not fun trying to tackle an energetic little girl who is rebounding off the sides of her crib when you feel like you could lay down with your head in the kitty litter box and not care, and go right to sleep. I managed to get her corralled, changed and dressed, then bundled up in her coat, hat and gloves and out the door for the short walk to Grandma's house.

On the way, as she pointed out everything she sees, ("Shed! Roof! Moom!") and commented on the temperature, ("Hot! Brrrrrr!" - she has problems remembering that hot and cold are different), I noticed that it was the perfect time of day and the perfect temperature to create beautiful outlines of frost on the fallen leaves in our yard.


This, of course, meant that after dropping her off at Grandma's and forgoing the kiss goodbye (which darn near kills me, as I live for those kisses) to avoid transferring the cold right back to her, I ran home for the camera.

Is it smart to wander around the backyard in a sweatshirt, pajama pants, no socks and Merrills when it's 30 degrees and you have a head cold? Probably not, but I couldn't miss that light. Plus, if the temp rose even a little bit, those frost outlines would fade quickly. I didn't have time to dump the images into the Mac or play with them as I needed to get to work, but I'm happy I got something. Maybe tonight I'll play around and have something to post.

Just FYI, after consulting my favorite flight tracking site, M is at 35,000 feet cruising at 591 mph with 36 minutes left in his flight. I like watching his little plane arc over the states and knowing that he's landed safely even when he forgets to call.


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