Monday, October 13, 2014

Do elephants lay eggs?

This past Saturday, five brave women took 11 Brownies to the Girls Scouts annual Troop Round-Up at Camp Cedarledge. This is a wonderful event hosted by our Council. The girls get to try their hand at games (gaga ball, tug of war, shooting basketballs, laser tag) and crafts (making lip gloss, hand exfoliants, bird feeders). They watched show dogs do tricks and slid down huge inflatable slides and saw a ton of their Girl Scout sisters from around the area. It was a great day.

Perhaps the best part for the adults, though, besides seeing what a wonderful time these girls were having, was listening to and sometimes participating in their conversations. I brought along a small notebook and a pen to jot down the best of what we heard, and the girls did not disappoint. Here are a few of their gems from the day:

“If you do this…” (outstretched arm, clenched fist, eyes screwed shut) “It feels like you’re flying. I’M A SUPERHERO!!!”

While waiting in line for the tug of war: “We’re versing those girls up there.” (Apparently there is a verb form of versus. Good to know.)

In the span of thirty seconds:
“Hello, Mate!” (in Australian accent)
“I can’t see.”

“I’m a natural cowboy! WHOOP!”

“Do you know how to be a ninja cowboy?” (Due to the pink bandanas we were wearing, cowboys were a hot topic of conversation at one point.)

“My hat stinks.”
“Does it smell like your head?”

“You fell on your butt!”
“No, I fell on my side. BOOM!”

“The tag on your shirt says ‘Happy Crayon.’ You’re going to turn into a crayon!”
“It says ‘Happy Canyon.’”
“Oh. Well, then you’re going to turn into a canyon.”

An adult conversation that I found funny:
“We’re missing four girls! I don’t know where they are!"
“They’re in there.”
“The firetruck.”
Sure enough, through the windshield you could see four girls wreaking havoc on the inside of a firetruck. I may or may not have been the person who lost four girls to the inside of a firetruck.

“Did you know bazillion is a real number? My dad told me. He’s an accountant.”

“You can’t say that! That’s a bad word.”
“No, it’s not.”
“Well, there’s an n-word that’s bad for black people.”
“Yeah, well, it’s not nougat.”

8:45 a.m. “Can we eat lunch?”
9:24 a.m. “Can we eat lunch?”
9:48 a.m. “Can we eat lunch?”
10:17 a.m. “Can we eat lunch?”
10:38 a.m. “Can we eat lunch?”
11:06 a.m. “Can we eat lunch?”

“Here. Give me your hand.” [pinch] “See? Doesn’t that hurt?”

“No touching nipples!”
“What’s a nipple?”
“We don’t touch each other’s nipples!”

“You need to follow one of your troop leaders.” 
“My great grandma told me to follow my dreams.”

“Put your bandana on.”
“I can’t. It has a big knot.”
“Give it here. I’ll get the knot out.”
As the leader works on the knot: “Why is it wet?” 
“I was chewing on it to try to get the knot out.”

“You won the gaga ball game! Can I call you Lady Gaga?”
“What if I give you some of these M&Ms?”

Upon reviewing the poster of Rams cheerleader headshots:
“Her hair is WAY out of style. Her hair is just a little out of style.”

"Do elephants lay eggs?"  


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