Saturday, April 05, 2014

An ordinary day

I have nothing to write about today. Nothing funny happened, nor anything traumatic. We all had busy days, some together and some separately.

  1. Mass
  2. Rosary
  3. Meeting for fundraiser sign-up party
  4. Tax lady
  5. Vacuum
  6. Girl Scout meeting planning
  7. Bills and filing
  1. ACTS administrative stuff
  2. Doctor appointment
  3. Tax lady
  4. Work (and work and work and work)
  5. Packing for China
  1. Mass
  2. Rosary
  3. Girl Scouts April Showers Bag Drop
  4. Play date
  5. Reading for book report
  6. Nap
It was a boring day, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even the bills and filing. It always feels so good to get everything cleaned up, organized, filed, and recycled. I love going to bed knowing that there's nothing hanging out there, waiting. Zoe's yearbook has been ordered, and her field trip permission form filled out. Her piano teacher and after care checks are written. Her first communion video ordered, and the school assessment filled out. The kitchen counter is cleaned off. The checkbook is up to date and balanced.

I can't sleep when things are hanging out there. I mean, sometimes I can't sleep regardless, but I really can't sleep when things are looming. Bills, especially. And items I know are due for Zoe's school.

I have to plan the party for her First Communion. Okay, that'll fester overnight.

Well, shit. And here I thought I got some serious stuff done today.



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