Saturday, December 08, 2012



"Oooo! They started installing the fireplace!"
"Oooo! Can I sit in it?"

I thought it was huge before, but seeing her sit in it shows just how big it really is. Good call, M. (He was the one who insisted on the 50". He chose wisely.)

We surmised that it's plenty big for Santa.

Another day spent cleaning the house, followed by an evening at a work event. It was lovely (the second part; the first part was just dusty) and now we are exhausted. Something about using the shop vac for four hours and then dressing up in sequins and heels (me, not M) and then prying 300+ melted votive candles out with forks borrowed from the caterers will do a person in.

All in all, productive and good.

It's no wonder that the insomnia that has plagued me since college has taken a hiatus. I definitely have no issues sleeping these days.


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