Monday, May 28, 2012

51 cents


Another day spent close to the room. We started pumping children's immodium and tylenol into her late morning and it did the trick. She's still on the mend, but doing much better. Since we lost a day today (even if she weren't sick, Beryl's storms would have tanked it anyway), we are looking at extending a day. It was M's idea, and who am I to argue with genius?

Zoe's been having a blast adding to her pressed penny (smashed pennies, she calls them) collection. For two quarters and a penny you can get what has to be the least expensive Disney souvenir available. Don't worry, we're not totally cheaping out on her. She's also scored a plush Minnie, a Minnie nightgown, a Minnie bucket hat, and the promise of Minnie ears before we depart. I also got her a 2012 photo album that I can use for all our pictures.

I just think the smashed penny thing is cool. We've found the machines in the most random places and have been able to bring them back from almost every trip. Once you start looking for them, they're everywhere. She has quite the collection going, and even has an official pressed penny book to keep them in. Not too shabby for 51 cents each!


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