Friday, May 25, 2012



I always thought Disney was too big, too corporate. Disney owns freakin' everything, after all. And the princess stories usually involve absent mothers (typically by early death - WTF) and princesses wholly dependent upon men to save them (again - WTF). I was a pretty hard-core Disney cynic.

And then tonight we watched the Main Street Electrical Parade and it blew my mind.

Holy shit. Disney really IS magic.

The awesomeness of today cannot be understated. It was amazing for all three of us. Zoe's favorite ride is Splash Mountain, followed closely by It's a Small World. She did NOT like Space Mountain, to her parents' chagrin.

Tomorrow is our character breakfast, where hopefully she'll get to meet Minnie Mouse, who is her favorite and who she is dying to see up close and personal. Then we're off to Animal Kingdom.

I can't wait! I love Disney World!!!

(I understand the newest crop of princesses are pretty powerful in their own right, and some of them even go so far as to save hapless boys. About damn time.)


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