Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gone fishin'

All she wanted to do today was take PB&J sandwiches to the park for a picnic lunch and then go fishing. It's all we heard yesterday, it's all we heard this morning.

So after church we came home, changed, cut up some bait (hot dogs and cheese), retrieved the ol' Barbie pole from the garage and headed up to our favorite local park.

After moving around a few times and trying various combinations, we settled on a routine that maximized our strengths and got us some fish:

I bait the hook.
M casts, and then sets the hook when he feels a nibble.
Zoe reels it in, after we call her back from dancing, watching other fisherpeople, and searching for bullfrogs.
I unhook the fish and hold it while Zoe touches it with one finger and squeals that it's slimy.
I release the fish and dig a paper towel from my pocket so Zoe can make a show of wiping off her slimy finger.
I rebait the hook while Zoe takes all credit for catching a fish.

Okay, so it shouldn't take three of us to land a bluegill, but it works for us and we left the park happy with our day's efforts. We caught six fish, and made a six-year-old very happy.


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