Thursday, March 15, 2012

blow out


A trim this afternoon. Another step in my attempt to grow out the mop in an organized, non-freakshow sort of way. My usual method of simply stopping going for cuts does not, I've realized, work. I wind up with a ridiculous shaggy mullet of fuzz. It ain't pretty. Then I wake up one day, look in the mirror, and go batshit crazy until I can find a stylist to

Then it's cut and M's dreams are dashed and I swear I'll never grow it out again.

This time, though, is different. For one, there is way better product available for curly hair. Or I finally have the financial means to shell out for it. Second, I've figured out I don't have to be style-free while growing it out. There's a way to do this in stages, you see. Trims here and there, and whacking off the mullet every couple of months until the top catches up.

Anyway, after my trim and demulleting this afternoon, Ruth asked if I wanted it blown out straight. Just for shits and giggles. Why not? I mean, the hundred percent humidity will kill it 30 seconds after I walk out the door, but it ain't my energy to do it.

So she blew it out, and I was awed by how long it has gotten (hard to see length on curly hair - it just keeps curling up the longer it gets!) and Zoe pronounced that Mommy looks silly (she's never seen my hair this long, or straight, before). We took a picture in the car to send to Daddy in London, and I love Zoe's expression in the background so it became my picture for today.

We sure are having fun this week, just us girls. M comes home tomorrow night, and I can't wait. I've gotten used to having him around a lot and I might have trouble adjusting to his renewed travel schedule.


Anonymous Tifferz said...

too cute, I love it!

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