Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last Day

For me, anyway. I dropped her off for the last time at preschool today. M takes her on Friday as I'll be in KC on business again. That's probably a good thing since I burst into tears upon leaving school this morning. I called M, sobbing. He laughed gently, and made me laugh, and predicted that I'll be a complete mess Thursday when she starts kindergarten.
All I keep thinking about are big steps in her life. The day she was born. The first day she walked. The first day of preschool. Where did it go? And will it ever slow down?
Even if it doesn't, I'm just happy I'm along for the ride. "Parent" is the best job title I will ever hold.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe is going into eighth grade and I still cry on the first day of school. They grow up way too fast!

8:54 AM  

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