Friday, August 05, 2011



I grabbed the pile of invitations and Zoe's new school calendar off my home desk this morning and brought them into the office.  I need to plug everything into my work calendar, which gets boosted to my phone, as that's the only way to keep my family on track.

Holy shit.

Turns out kindergarten, or "real school," is a whole new ballgame, folks.  My personal calendar now rivals my work calendar.  And the two aren't playing together in the sandbox as I'd hoped.  I typed in only the next two months, got queasy about the growing number of conflicts and the prospect of evening school meetings followed by early morning flights to barely make important work meetings, and quit.  I'll input the rest later.

This big, new step for Zoe will also be a big, new step for me, and for M.  We are at the next stage of evolution in our family life.  It seems to be working well, although I do still need to find some balance.  M's lack of business travel has freed him to do things like regularly pick up Zoe from school, and he's just volunteered to coach her soccer team.  He could never have committed to that even a few short months ago.  Meanwhile, I find myself doing things like choosing to drive to Kansas City for a business meeting so I can leave at 8:20 p.m. and avoid missing Zoe an extra night.  (My good intentions were foiled, however, upon arrival in KC and discovering the next morning, at 8:45, that my 9 o'clock meeting had been canceled.  D'oh!)

I am truly excited about this new phase of our life.  I am thrilled with my career.  After years of "paying my dues" I've finally reached a level for which I feel suited.  I'm defining my job every single day, working with people at all levels through my organization (include the c-suite!).  I'm being compensated as I should, and am traveling like a fiend (which is both good and bad).  I am so excited for Zoe as she moves into her grade school years.  New friends, new experiences, and 9 years at a school that resonates so strongly with our family that it feels like an extension of home.  M's decision to coach her team makes me want to cry with happiness.  Last year, I watched my brother-in-law lovingly coach my nephew's football team - there's just something about a guy who coaches kids that makes them even more awesome than they are normally.

And I'm fully aware that none of this would be possible without the love and support of our family and friends.  I love you, guys, even if I don't always have a chance to show it.  Thank you for understanding that we're navigating this crazy journey as best we can.  We love that you're on the ride with us!

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