Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Grumpy McGrumperson. That's me.

Between the new class (that's kicking our collective ass, by the way, with four long chapters of assigned reading, multiple homework questions and problems that involve a lot of writing and setting up calculations and graphs in Excel, responding to the discussion forum question about InBev's potential hostile bid for A-B and then responding to classmates' responses, and a quiz...all in the first week) and converting our other two locations to the new software (yes, at the same time) (yes, I'm stupid for even attempting it) (especially while I'm in class) (d'oh!), I haven't had much time to shoot or play around in Photoshop.

I did start running again this week, though. My foot hurts. Not the broken one. The other one. Figures.

I'm hoping I can get a grip on this homework stuff and work a little more efficiently after the first week or so, which would give me much-needed time in my digital darkroom and to read some new photography books I have. I still have one left from The Orland Collection purchased last month, and now the catalog book from the Gordon Parks exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum.

Sigh. The last two weeks we had off seem like years ago, already.

This is part of my Shots Out My Car Window On The Way To Work Since I Don't Have Time To Really Shoot Portfolio.



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