Monday, February 03, 2014



We finished reading the first Little House book tonight. We've been reading it together, which makes me so happy. I loved these books when I was her age, and I love that she's reading MY actual books.

After she went to bed, I got caught up on Downton Abbey (oh, Edith!), and took care of a little ACTS correspondence. Lovely evening.

I went into work today armed with kindness, having decided if certain people want to be assholes then there is nothing I can do to stop them. What I can do, however, is not be an asshole myself. This gives me great comfort. And helps me not vomit when I see them.

A junior reported in today's student newspaper that he interviewed the headmaster regarding campus security. He asked the headmaster if the school has made any changes in light of recent school shootings.

Question: Have you done anything to increase school security?
Answer: Well, we pray a lot.

The editor used that as the pull quote. Of course.

Later in the story, the headmaster gives instructions that should a gunman enter the school and start shooting, if a student finds himself near an exit then he should avail himself of that exit and "run like hell."

What was that about not vomiting?

These are the types of days when I think PR people don't earn enough money.


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