Monday, December 02, 2013



Somehow my daily numbers have gotten all jacked up. Probably a symptom of late nights and weary minds too often. I'll go back and fix it. Or maybe not.

Today is yet another late night and weary mind. Too little sleep last night, children's liturgy at Mass this morning, then elfing in the yard all day (for a slavedriver...we didn't even stop for lunch...and you know how missing meals makes Amy a cranky girl), then helping M frantically pack for his trip (I fetched his luggage, glasses, headphones, and an assortment of clothes...God help him as I'm not usually packing for him so who knows what I forgot, although I did fold his dress shirts neatly so that ought to count for something), then a quick dinner on the way to dropping him off at the airport, back home to change the guinea pig's cage, clean litter box and empty trash and recycling before dragging that and some yard waste to the curb, laundry, bills and cleaning up email. Also organized some new car paperwork and created new yard signs for the Christmas radio station.

I think my day is done.

And I think I may sleep tonight.

Today's pic is of my favorite little house in our village that resides under the tree. Zozo was responsible for placing the cars this year, and she took it upon herself to use damn near all of them. There normally isn't a sports car parade through our sleepy little hamlet.


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