Monday, December 31, 2012



While this photo technically ends my 365, simply because it's number 365, I was lucky enough to attempt my first 365 in a leap year, thereby garnering myself an extra day. A 365+1, so to speak. So I have one day left, which makes me smile.

Will I do another? I'm not sure. Maybe. There were more than a few nights where I scrambled to find something, anything, to photograph (hello, Max). Then again, it was a great exercise in keeping my eyes open to look for images when I otherwise would not. Especially this year, a year of packing up our entire home and moving, wrecking and rebuilding a house, and searching for, finding, and starting a new job. Zozer graduated from kindergarten and started first grade. She had her first summer of camps. She played soccer and baseball and launched her Girl Scout career (and I began mine as Troop Leader). I traveled to Florida, Las Vegas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Chicago, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, and California. M went overseas (too many places to list!). We got a new pet and learned how to live in half the space we used to (somewhat). We welcomed new people into our family and new friends into our lives.

It was quite a year.

My word for 2012 was focus. It was intended to help me keep what was important front and center. I thought it might also remind me that I need to not forget to literally focus: focus my camera's lens every day and keep my photography going. It worked well. It's time to retire it, though, and start afresh.

My new word for 2013? Well, that'll have to wait for another post. It's a good one, and leaves much to live up to. It, too, makes me smile.


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