Sunday, April 29, 2012

cardinal fan


She was in the Starting Lineup promo today, which meant she got to run out to home plate and wait for Yadier Molina to be announced. He jogged over to her, bent down, and tried to initiate a conversation while signing a baseball for her. I say tried because she told us later that she was essentially too excited to say anything. "He asked me how I was doing, but I didn't say anything. I just smiled at him." And then she beamed at us as I'm sure she beamed at Yadi.

She got her Kids Crew Club backpack and goodies, a hotdog with ketchup, and the opportunity to run the bases after the game.

It was definitely a Zoe Day, and it was awesome. She was the youngest kid out there, and was so excited when her name was announced over the PA (along with her age) and displayed on the jumbotron. How freakin' cool.

She has decided that Molina is her most favorite player, which makes her mother very happy as she's been a Molina fan for years. Yeah, mang. He rocks.


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