Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Z Day

While our Valentine's Day didn't exactly go according to plan, I'd still consider it a success.

M ordered me gorgeous flowers that were mis-delivered to the home in which we no longer reside, not to my workplace as intended. I didn't mind a bit as I was just thrilled to get flowers, but he spent 45 minutes on the phone with FTD trying to track them down and I'm sure that's not how he wanted to spend part of his day.

We tried to order pizza from one of our local favorites, and M's phone call went a little something like this (after waiting on hold for 10 minutes):
M: I'd like a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza.
Pizza Lady: Okay, and what do you want on it?
M: Pepperoni and mushroom.
PL: Okay, what else?
M: I'd also like some cheese sticks.
PL: Great, small or large?
M: How many are in each?
PL: I don't know. What did you want on your pizza again?
M: Pepperoni and mushroom. Okay, skip the cheese sticks. I'd like two side salads.
PL: Why don't you just get one large?
M: Okay, one large salad.
PL: What do you want on it? And what do you want on your pizza again?
M: Ummm, well, whatever comes on the side salads I guess. Pepperoni and mushroom on the pizza.
PL: I don't know what comes on the side salads. And what do you want on your pizza?

Which is pretty much when the conversation ended. We had leftover spaghetti instead.

Zoe had attended a gymnastics Valentines party after school with a friend, and between that and the candy, cupcakes and cocaine given at school to celebrate, she was wired. This resulted in misbehavior, which resulted in the corner, which resulted in tears.

The three of us ended up sitting down to dinner, all unhappy and grouchy. Zoe burst into tears and said, "I'm sorry!" And then I burst into tears and said, "I'm sorry, too!" And M just looked at us with wide eyes. I think it still blows his mind that he lives with two females.

We had a big family hug and decided to start over. And so we did, and then had wonderful evening together. After Zoe went to bed, we popped "Top Gun" into the player and laughed at the trite dialogue and flimsy plot, and I informed him that Kelly McGillis is a happily-married lesbian and therefore he stands no chance with her, and he informed me that his call sign would be, simply, "Z."


Blogger Lil'M said...

well, it looks like you were able to salvage it in the end. what a tragedy with the pizza place! she must have been gawking at something else instead of taking the order... goodness gracious!!

3:36 PM  

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