Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who says romance is dead?

M left this morning for RI, and he was gone well before we were up. I vaguely remember him waking me up for a goodbye kiss. My alarm went off much later, and I got up and started getting ready for work. Zozer came in after awhile, and did her whole potty - hand washing - teeth brushing - getting dressed routine that has become a real blessing (although with mixed emotions...this independence thing is trying for a mother - as evidenced by her being finally tall enough to ride the carousel alone at the Zoo yesterday while I stood by the side and wept at her spinning round on the giant animaled wheel of doom).

When we got ready to leave, I instructed Zozer to head out to the family room to get her shoes on. "Mommy! Come look at this!"

This usually means, "One of the cats barfed. Again." or "There's a dead bug out here." or something else that she finds disgusting. I sighed and headed out, prepared to grab a few paper towels and the disinfectant that I should just wear in a holster like those cowboys in the old Westerns.

Instead, I found this:

How adorable is that?! Instead of bemoaning the fact that he had to drag his computer bag and luggage over the mound of shoes that inevitably piles up by the garage door, he instead created a wordless message of love. Zoe didn't want to disrupt the heart by taking her shoes required for the day, so I took a picture to capture it forever.

I love that, after 18 years of togetherness, he can still surprise me and make me laugh even while he's on his way to another state.

I also love that he tried to extend the life of his beloved Adidas sandals (located at the top there) by duct taping the one that fell apart a couple weeks ago. I made him order new ones last night, since the duct tape isn't as permanent a fix as he had hoped.

These things, my friends, these weensy little insignificant things, are what makes life fantastic. Well, that and a day filled with love, a proud five-year-old, donuts, the Zoo, Mexican food, brownies, carousels, train rides and a sea lion named Robbie that tosses frisbees to a birthday girl.

I will swoon all week over my shoe heart.


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