Monday, August 23, 2010

M talks in his sleep

It typically starts with some weird question, as it did tonight. I just try to answer what I think he wants to hear, no matter how ridiculous. It keeps him calmer that way.

"Wait a minute! Where does he sit?"


"The professor! The coach! Where does he sit?"

"Up in the front of the classroom."

"Well, where do you sit?"

"Next to you."

"Wait, where does he sit?"

"In the front of the room."

"No no no. Where does he sit in this room. The bedroom."

"Oh. He sits over there, at the end of the bed."


I got up to type this in so I wouldn't forget. He'll tell me when he reads this, "I didn't say that. You're making it up!" And I will reply, as I always do, "No way, man. I can't make this shit up."


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